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Advance Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers and leading cooling towers manufacturers from fiberglass in India with reputation for quality and reliability.

The company was incorporated in 1982 to manufacture fiberglass induced draft bottle shaped towers ranging from 5TR to 600 Tonne capacity and later also went in for Rectangular Towers ranging from 30 Tonne to 3000 Tonne in Single / Multiple Cells. Ever since its inception the company has an excellent track record because of its emphasis on quality and customer service. It is these two strengths that have laid the foundation for the company’s remarkable growth in a span of three decades to emerge as one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass induced draft Cooling Tower in India, manufacturing more than 1300 Cooling Tower per annum.

Advance is the only company in India to set up R & D facility and have installed CTI TEST RIG in the factory for testing as per CTI Certification Standard STD – 201 (13) .Due to this, we are among the top two manufacturers in fiberglass cooling towers. We have SEZ Unit to cater to Export and SEZ market. We have developed special energy efficient FRP as well as aluminum hollow fan blades to give edge over others in the field. Over the years, the company has earned an excellent reputation for guaranteed on-time deliveries and trouble free performance. Advance is the first company to obtain CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) U.S.A. Certification in August 2007.

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Advance Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd.
Off : 405-406, Span center,
R. K. Mission Marg,
Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054.
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