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Advance’s interest in your cooling tower does not end with the sale. Having conceived, designed and manufactured the most reliable and longest lasting cooling tower of its class, we want to make sure that you gain the maximum possible benefit from its purchase.

Therefore, the following services are available which are intended to assure the maximum possible service life under your operating conditions; tailor the operating characteristics to your specific needs; and maintain consistent optimum thermal performance capability. They are available by contacting your Advance sales engineer.

Replacement parts: With the exception of the motor, every component of your tower is designed and manufactured by Advance Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd. We do this because commercially available components have not proved capable of withstanding the harsh environment of a cooling tower – nor do they contribute their share to the thermal capability and operating characteristics intended.

A complete stock of all parts and components is maintained at the various Advance associates. In cases of emergency, they can be shipped immediately by a reliable source. However, you would obviously benefit from anticipating your need in advance, thus avoiding the cost of special handling.

Be sure to mention your tower's serial number (from the tower nameplate) when ordering parts. If the tower nameplate is missing, furnish the original order acceptance reference, any original Advance invoice number or even your original purchase order number and date.

Periodic maintenance: You may wish to contract with Advance for regularly scheduled visits for the purpose of inspecting and reporting your tower’s condition to make recommendations intended to prevent emergencies and to perform maintenance considered outside the norm.

This service is not intended to replace the important function performed by your maintenance staff. Their attention assures the tower’s routine operating performance and is invaluable. However, Advance understands the unusual manner in which a cooling tower performs its function as well as the unique forces which act upon it and take into consideration that they occasionally require the services of an expert technician.

Keeping our customers as the nucleus of our business, we are committed to delivering quality products and services. We will strive to win our customer's utmost satisfaction and delight through competitive cost, prompt delivery and after sales services. We will ensure that our products and services meet our customer's present and future needs.

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